Award winning project by Alesonor portrayed by Buzilan Studio

Our clients at Alesonor have been awarded, in the Bucharest Architecture Annual, the grand prize of the “Architecture competitions, studies and under-construction projects” category, for a project we did the images for.

Electonika Office Park – published on Designrulz

Designrulz published an article about the project for which we designed the interios and made the presentation video for.

Byron 10 year anniversary tour visuals

Creating the visuals for a band’s 10 year anniversary tour is always a challenge and, at the same time, an honour.

Here are some shots from a few concerts from that tour.

©Eugen Volosciuc ©Naluca Photography

The Amsterdams visuals

The visuals we made for the band The Amsterdams marked our debut in this field and later developed into their new album’s artwork and an animated music video.

It was an amazing journey, fueled by a lot of hard work, through sound, color and motion. Here’s how it all began!

©Naluca Photography

PHOWN – ONLINE appearences

Some of the reactions we received for the smartphone concept we developed under the Scarlat-Buzilan enterprise.

AUTOSHOW cover story – The SCI hyMod

SCI hyMod is a concept car proposed by a Romanian team, composed of Dan Scarlat (automotive journalist), Marian Cilibeanu (designer) and Cristian Ionescu (engineer) and portrayed by BUZILAN STUDIO. SCI hyMod was designed in order to eliminate the specific inconveniences of today’s ecological transportation: limited autonomy of electric cars and almost constant fossil fuel consumption of the hybrid ones.